$10.7 Million in Affordable Housing Projects Approved by County Board of Supervisors

“Maricopa County has historically been an affordable place to live, but across-the-board inflation and skyrocketing housing and rental prices are impacting our region, too. While there’s no overnight fix to our affordable housing shortage, this Board has shown a continued commitment to being part of the solution,” said Chairman Bill Gates, District 3.

Affordable Rental Movement (ARM) of Save the Family: $1,229,600

“Low-income persons, whether they are just starting out in a profession or raising a family, or both, should be able to live in a quality home in a safe neighborhood,” said Supervisor Tom Galvin, District 2. “I am confident this partnership will serve as a model for how we can transform current inventory and make it both livable and affordable for residents who find themselves priced out of the existing housing market.”

Mercy Housing Mountain Plains: $9,500,000

“The growth in the West Valley over the past five years has been simply incredible, and while I’m certainly pro-growth and pro-development, we also need to look after our long-time residents, to make sure they’re provided for,” said Supervisor Clint Hickman, District 4. ”I appreciate that this particular project focuses on providing new, affordable options for the growing number of seniors at risk of homelessness.”

About the Development

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