Board of Supervisors Approves $28 Million in Investments to Address Homelessness

New Shelter Beds

The addition of the shelter beds is a collaborative project that will be achieved through the partnership of four local, community-based non-profit partners:

  • Community Bridges will receive $7,558,372 in funding to construct and service 100 new shelter beds to serve men and women experiencing homelessness
  • Tempe Community Action Agency will receive $6 million to fund the construction of 80 new shelter beds for emergency and bridge housing
  • The Society of St. Vincent de Paul will receive $6 million in funding to construct 100 new shelter beds.
  • UMOM will receive $1,441,628 in funding to construct and service 72 new shelter beds, catering to the unique needs of families experiencing homelessness.

Preventing Homelessness

In addition to the investments in shelter bed capacity, the Board approved $7 million in funds to help prevent homelessness and offer rapid-rehousing assistance.

About Maricopa County Human Services

As the fourth largest county in the nation, Maricopa County’s population is large, growing and more diverse than ever. Maricopa County’s Human Services Department provides services and programs to people of all ages and abilities to promote their well-being. From offering early education to career training and employment services to case management for seniors and families — the Human Services Department serves as a leader in the region to support strong families, neighborhoods, and community relationships. Learn more about the financial, educational, and support resources available to eligible Maricopa County residents at



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