Board of Supervisors Cuts Property Tax Rate, Invests in Public Health

Budget Documents | Maricopa County, AZ

The FY 2022 budget addresses key needs identified as result of pandemic. Highlights include:

  • funding 30 new positions for the Maricopa County Department of Public Health which led the effort to protect the community from COVID-19 through public education, case investigation, data sharing, testing, and vaccination.
  • $5 million toward long-term solutions to homelessness, including shelters and “bridge” housing
  • continuing successful rental and utility assistance programs that keep people in their homes and prevent evictions that hurt families and the local economy
  • adding staff and resources to the Office of the Medical Examiner to keep pace with growth, after a year where, unfortunately, the number of deaths spiked
  • and funding a new command center for the Emergency Management Department, which has distributed more than 20 million units of personal protective equipment over the past year to healthcare providers, public safety professionals, schools and long-term care facilities and has been an integral part of the county’s unified response to the pandemic.



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