Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Approves $17 Million in Affordable Housing Projects

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3 min readApr 11, 2022

April 2022

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved $17 million in funding that will address affordable housing needs for County residents. Of the $17 million in funding made possible by the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), $8 million will be allocated to add 50 new housing units through a hotel conversion in central Phoenix and $9 million will support the construction of affordable rental units.

Hotel to Housing Conversion

To expand the stock of affordable housing to serve the unique needs of people transitioning from homelessness to housing, $8 million will be used by Arizona Housing, Inc. to convert an existing hotel on Van Buren Street in central Phoenix to permanent, supportive housing. The property will undergo improvements to ensure that each unit is ready for longer-term occupancy. Upon completion, the converted property will offer 50 units that can be occupied by individuals, and in some cases, couples. In addition to the living spaces, the property will include on-site case management services to assist residents with any barriers to employment and match their needs to available programs and services. Construction is expected to begin in late 2022 with an estimated completion date in the summer of 2023, just in time for eligible residents to move as the peak of the summer heat takes hold.

“I appreciate the innovative thinking and partnerships involved in turning an old hotel into a place where people at risk of homelessness can live long-term,” said Chairman Bill Gates, District 3. “With creative approaches like this, and the continued commitment and investment of our Board, we can make a significant impact on the affordable housing challenges our community faces.”

Newly Constructed Rental Units

The Gorman Group has been awarded $6 million to construct 368 new affordable rental units at the southeast corner of 67th and Glendale Avenues. The project, named Centerline on Glendale, will take place in two phases. Phase one will build 186 units and phase two will bring an additional 182 units online.

“Remember what they say about how to eat an elephant: you do it one bite at a time. That’s the mindset we need to have as we look at affordable housing in our region,” said Vice Chairman Clint Hickman, District 4. “It’s going to take awhile to get our inventory where it needs to be, but the addition of nearly 400 new rentals in the heart of Glendale is an example of how we can address our affordable housing shortage one investment and one partnership at a time.”

Ulysses Development has been awarded $3 million to construct a new 192 unit affordable rental complex. The project, named Salt River Flats, will be built near Broadway and 14th Street in Phoenix. The expected completion of the project is March 2024 and will be available to those who have 60% of the area median income ($42,660 for a family of 3).

“We are so appreciative of the support that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has provided for solutions to address affordable housing along a continuum of options for County residents,” said Jacqueline Edwards, Director of Maricopa County Human Services. “From preventing evictions through rental assistance to funding landlord engagement programs that support the transition to housing from homelessness to these construction projects that add more than 600 new affordable units to the housing stock in the Valley — the County is committed to finding innovative housing solutions.”

These substantial new investments are on top of additional efforts Maricopa County is making to help residents, including:

· $39 million in additional emergency rental and utility assistance

· $33 million to expand shelter beds, offer rapid re-housing and other homelessness prevention measures; and

· More than $1 million in U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development HOME Investment Partnerships Program funds to build affordable housing units for families in Avondale and Tempe.

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