Maricopa County Invests $15M to Bring Domestic Violence Support Services Into Community

“We identified this as a growing and urgent need in our community and acted quickly to address it using federal recovery funds,” said Board Chairman Jack Sellers, District 1. “This $15 million investment is unprecedented in County history, and I’m hopeful that it provides domestic violence survivors with the support systems they need to safely get out of toxic environments.”

“Domestic and sexual violence service providers have been steadfast in providing continuous and innovative services throughout the pandemic and these funds are essential to ensure those critical services continue,” said Jenna Panas, Chief Executive Officer of ACESDV.

“The impacts of domestic violence in our community are devastating not only for victims but for their entire family,” said Human Services Deputy Director Jacqueline Edwards. “There is no greater investment than to support this system, agencies, and frontline staff who ensure the safety and assistance that allows survivors to heal and reclaim their lives.”

“I have been a passionate advocate for domestic violence awareness for years, and I’m just so proud that we’re able to put our money where our mouth is and devote significant resources to helping individuals and families in this difficult situation,” said Supervisor Steve Gallardo, District 5.

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