Maricopa County Recognizes Second Responders’ Day on Sept. 1

Maricopa County Government
2 min readAug 26, 2021

August 2021

In appreciation to all of the people across the community who have tirelessly gone above and beyond serving the needs of people during this very trying time, the Maricopa County Human Services Department is marking Second Responders’ Day on Sept. 1.

Second Responders’ Day is a day dedicated to paying tribute to the nation’s ‘second responders’ — those professionals who provide support and services once the initial emergency response concludes. Second responders include case managers, shelter works, teachers, warehouse and grocery workers, meal providers, janitorial staff, advocates, counselors, librarians and professional transportation and delivery providers — among others.

“Second responders are a vital part of our ability to manage crisis and help people heal,” said Bruce Liggett, Director, Maricopa County Human Services Department. “These caring and compassionate people provide critical and essential services to help our residents address the needs in their lives to relieve stress and promote wellness during this very demanding time.”

Maricopa County Human Services Department employee and partner second responders offer the following services to our community:

· Home visits to seniors and disabled adults

· Meals and cooled shelter for people experiencing homelessness

· Opportunities for COVID-19 vaccines for people experiencing homelessness

· Assistance with employment searches, interview preparation and job training

· Processing an enormous volume of requests for rental and utility financial assistance

· Offering transportation services to access shelters, deliver meals and access medical care

Second responders also play a crucial role in our community’s overall ability to manage crises by providing relief that enables first responders to go back into service and be available for the next emergency call. The contributions of second responders, those who provide social and human services, have become more prominent due to the prolonged and wide-ranging effects of the pandemic.

“We are humbled by the work that our community’s first and second responders perform with professionalism and compassion during the course of their workday,” said Liggett. “Please join us in letting them know that we appreciate what they do to help comfort people during their time of need,” said Liggett.

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