New Outreach Program Offers Services to People Experiencing Homelessness in Unincorporated Areas

“These are difficult times and, more than ever, we need to band together to keep our community safe and strong,” said Tom Galvin, Board of Supervisors, District 2. “This particular program creates a network where community members can work hand in hand with the dedicated Community Bridges staff to address the personal and social impacts of homelessness in neighborhoods across our County.”

“The Maricopa County Human Services Department is committed to delivering equitable, inclusive, and comprehensive services for people experiencing adversity — especially people experiencing homelessness,” said Jacqueline Edwards, Director of the department. “We’ve partnered with Community Bridges, Inc. for this program because of their continued dedication to providing holistic services with dignity and compassion as well as their expertise and effectiveness in engaging with people experiencing homelessness in the community and connecting them to available support systems.”

How the Public Can Get Involved

About Maricopa County Human Services



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