Public Support Needed for Homeless Pet Crisis

Saint (A4589837): 12-Year old neutered black and tan male German Shepherd mix, loves people and walks

“MCACC is at maximum capacity. We are utilizing every kennel we have, some with two or even three pets,” said MCACC Director Robyn Jaynes, DVM. “Although we have generous families who foster and many active partnerships to place pets in homes, we still have rising populations in our shelters. We are now asking the public for their help to adopt or foster so we can, in turn, help save the lives of even more pets that we know will be coming with Independence Day celebrations.”

Precious (A4579057): 4 Year old male brown tabby mix, likes donuts, dogs and adult people
Leah (A3870186): 7.5-Year old spayed female tan and white harrier mix, loves laps, Purina one, adult people
Molly (A4582895): 1-Year old spayed female, likes treats, freedom and adult people



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