Senior Receives New Air Conditioning Unit in Midst of Summer Heat

About Area Agency on Aging

The Area Agency on Aging (AAA) offers programs and services in Maricopa County for adults aged 60 years and older and their caregivers, persons with disabilities and long-term care needs aged 18 to 59. AAA also serves populations with specialty needs such as elder refugees, persons with behavioral health conditions and victims of elder abuse and sexual assault. AAA seeks to partner with the community to foster innovative programs and services to enrich the quality of life for older adults, caregivers and diverse populations.

About Maricopa County Human Services

As the fourth most populous county in the nation, the Maricopa County Human Services Department, Early Education, Community Services, Workforce Development, Housing & Community Development and Senior and Adult Services. HSD’s programs help residents navigate around barriers, establish a strong educational foundation, secure and rehabilitate housing, access employment opportunities and stay connected through case management services. In addition to its role in supporting county residents’ quality of life, HSD provides leadership across the region, fostering collaboration and partnerships with public and private organizations that continuously works to provide coordinated and comprehensive human services to improve the lives of Maricopa County residents.

Recent News on Maricopa County’s COVID-19 Recovery

06/23/2021: Maricopa County Outlines Priorities for American Rescue Plan Dollars



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